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It was rather beautiful: the way he put her insecurities to sleep. The way he dove into her eyes and starved all the fears and tasted all the dreams she kept coiled beneath her bones


I like to think of these loads of tangled necklaces I untangle at my retail job during boring parts of my shift have shown me a metaphor for the way healing in life works.

Strange, right? Just wait for it…

So after untangling hundreds of necklaces (probably no more than 30 at a time though, to be fair), I’ve developed a sort of methodology for how to most efficiently and most quickly untangle the necklaces. You have to pick one out that seems the least tangled of the bunch, undo its clasp, and then slowly work to untangle each side of the necklace. You do this by loosening the tightened necklaces around the chain of your interest and then weave the chain through the tangles until it is eventually untangled. THEN you can redo the clasp and voila, you have at least one necklace untangled from the bunch. Repeat those steps with all of them and pretty soon you’ve made order out of chaos… hooray!

Apply that to life.

You can’t just tug blindly on the knot or else you’ll tighten and tangle it more. As in life, you cannot just blindly tug at your problems, hoping that will suffice… no, you have to understand how each individual piece of you became broken or tangled, undo the clasp of some life habits, and then follow each individual chain in your life through the mess to finally untangle yourself, bit by bit.

It is a slow, patient process. It is a unique, and almost artful process.

Delve into yourself, unclasp your bad habits, and untangle your pain <3


This deserves so many reblogs.

Feminism is having a wardrobe malfunction.

Does your brand of feminism remove barriers for women, or simply move them around? Does is expand options for women, or does it just shift them? You don’t liberate women by forcing them to choose option B instead of option A. What is comfortable for you might not be comfortable for someone else, and it’s entirely possible that what you see as oppressive, other women find comfortable or even downright liberating.

Some women would feel naked without a veil. Some women would find it restrictive. Some women would feel restricted by a bra. Some women would feel naked without one. Some women would feel restricted by a tight corset. Others love them. Some wear lots of clothes with a corset. Some only wear the corset and nothing else. What makes any article of clothing oppressive is someone forcing you to wear it. And it’s just as oppressive to force someone not to wear something that they want to wear.




1. indicating a temporary state of being; transience.

2. of, relating to, or being the grammatical case indicating a state of being or an existence in a particular capacity or state in some languages, as in Finnish professorina, “as a professor.”


3. the essive case.

4. a word or form in the essive case.

Etymology: from Finnish essiivi > from New Latin essīvus > Latin esse, “to be”.

[Mihai Criste]

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